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mcassidy_fans's Journal

Michael Cassidy Fans
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This is a Michael Cassidy livejournal community, and it is part of Michael Cassidy Web.

Michael is best know for his role of Zach in the second season of "The OC". But you may also recognize him from shows such as "Smallville" or "Hidden Palms". He is currently starring as Charlie is the CW's "Privileged". For more info about him, please check the main site

Feel free to join / watch or friend this community, and also to post anything Michael related ! It can be articles, icons, banners, pictures, etc

However, there are a few rules :
1. Please use lj-cuts if you post any spoilers (about Privileged for example)
2. Use lj-cuts if you post big graphics or pictures
3. Use lj-cuts as well for lj icons posts. A maximum of 3 previews is allowed but please post the rest of the entry behing the lj-cut
4. No bashing allowed !
5. Enjoy ! :D

Also, you can leave a note in your entry if you want me to add your icons to the main site's LJ icons archive ! Thanks